THE baby Portraits EXPERIENCE

They grow so fast!

We have all heard this throughout our lives because it is true. 

Capturing this incredible, precious beginning will remind you of the day you met your little one, the day you began living for someone else, the day you became Mom or Dad. 

Choosing the right newborn photographer to create your baby's newborn portraits is an important decision. 

At Jessica Catherine Photography, our mission is to provide Philadelphia and Main Line parents a professional photography experience which includes creating custom fine artwork featuring your newborn child. 

Our four-part, baby portraits experience includes: the Design Consultation, In-Home Newborn Photography Session, Review and Ordering Appointment and White Glove Artwork Delivery.


baby portraits experience step 1: the Design Consultation 


After connecting for the first time via telephone, we will schedule a Design Consultation at a place and time convenient for you. At this session we will get to know you and your family and your expectations and goals for your baby portraits experience.  Topics covered include your family's personality, personal style, and home decor.  We use this information to select outfits, props, colors and textures to create an art piece designed for your family that highlights your baby's natural beauty.  We also discuss your preference for albums or wall art pieces, which include framed fine art, fine art prints on wood, and fine art canvases. We will have samples for you to touch and hold so that you can see the quality and decide what inspires you.  We use your preferences to create a strategy for the session since photographing for wall art uses different techniques than photographing for an album (we of course can do both).  Newborn portrait sessions can be reserved at the Design Consultation by completing the Newborn Portrait Agreement and providing the session fee.  


baby portraits experience step 2: In-home Newborn Photography Session


We bring the studio to your home and photograph your newborn and family using the plan we created at the Design Consultation.  All props, outfits, accessories and backdrops are selected to compliment your family's style and home decor.  We will photograph your newborn with the end goal in mind (wall portrait or album).  We use natural light to illuminate your little one in the comfort of your own home.


baby portraits experience step 3: Review and Ordering Appointment


Approximately two to three weeks after the in home session, we will return to your home for a private image review and ordering session.  After enjoying a slideshow of the final baby portraits, we will select your favorites to use for the wall art and/or album, and will place the order.  If you purchased digital images, you will receive them that day for immediate sharing with friends and family.


baby portraits experience step 4: White Glove Artwork Delivery


We work only with premier professional photography labs located throughout the US and in Italy.  When your artwork is ready, we will hand deliver it to your home.