I’m Jessica

I love babies. I love photography. And I love photographic artwork of babies.


This takes some Serious baby whispering

Babies are cute, but baby photography is hard. You need the patience of a saint and the determination of a racehorse. Though my back hurts and my sweatband gets a run for its money in every single session, I am thrilled when someone asks me what I do and I get to share my work with them. That feeling of achievement is simply unmatched.

My Story

Why Baby Photography?

Working with tiny humans in such a creative genre is a privilege and so rewarding.

I love creating unique art and am constantly inspired. When people ask me what I do, I want to reply “portraitist” instead of “photographer” because creating a baby’s portrait is wildly different than taking a baby picture. But portraitist is hard to say, so I suppose I’ll stick with photographer. I put my all into every session because I want these images to be amazing for you, for your baby, and for your baby’s future babies.

we’re blushing…

We’re proud to be consistently recognized for outstanding service

The studio has been honored with numerous awards over the years including “Best Newborn Photographer” and “Top Photographer” by Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family. We have also been recognized as one of Philadelphia’s leading newborn photographers by Expertise.com.

Our memberships include the Professional Photographers of America and Delaware County Camera Club.

We are so grateful for the 100+ five star Google Reviews we’ve earned over the years and would love for you to check out what our clients have to say in their own words.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Skiing is my biggest passion
  • I studied history and psychology and also volunteered for Paralyzed Veterans of America in Washington, DC
  • I have called PA my home for almost 15 years
  • I love National Parks and photographing the stars at night
  • I adore giant dogs and ice cream is my favorite food
  • This Christmas portrait was printed large and displayed in my childhood home, so when I think of myself as a baby, this image comes to mind. Though I appreciate the effort my parents made to make me feel special with this piece, I promise to do better by your child.