in-home Cake Smash Photos in Philadelphia

Could there literally be anything cuter than a one year old smashing a birthday cake? I think not!

Get the wet wipes ready! As a baby photographer, this is one of my favorite session types. We start with classic 1st year portraits (no-cake). Next, we bring in the cake as your little one goes to town. And finally, we fill a mini tub with water for the cake splash (a true highlight). Since these session are done in your home, after the fun baby can be whisked away to their nursery for a much-needed nap. An outdoor session for immediate family members can be added on.


The beauty of an in-home cake smash session is we set up while baby is napping and everything is ready to go when baby wakes up. If your baby wakes up earlier or later than day (common around the 1 year mark), we adjust our arrival time accordingly. No dragging cranky babies who are off their schedule to a studio and praying they can muscle through that. We remain flexible and ready to create these portraits whenever baby is at their “best” that day. Also, having the session in baby’s home puts baby at ease and leads to a more relaxed, smile-filled session. We don’t need a ton of space – we do these sessions in 1 bedroom city condos to sprawling residences in the burbs. Most families spend $2000-$3500 on a custom, in-home cake smash, artwork, and digital files.